novum // 11.17

// Details Issue

Novum has been a magazine that accompanied me throughout my Communication Design studies. Each issue has a different specific topic in design and from the cover to the inside there’s always the most remarkable design examples of the present days.

I chose to read this issue again for my Good/Poor Design MA assignment.

Interbrand – Interview on the Mind the gap Project

// Unusual Brand Concept → Still keeps the Values


“There is an important break when it comes to developing a well-known law firm’s corporate image. Any prominent exercise of marketing, design or communication could be understood as a loss of prestige.”

“Our aim was to break a stigma: that big law firms can’t make use of a bold communication without hurting their reputation.”

The redesign concept: “Space and Aperture where agreement and accord between two postures can be attained through meaningful and honourable negotiation.”

“But also has something playful about it that immediately appeals. Is this emotional angle more important than ever nowadays?”

“Less formal and more emotional world” → “bring some entertainment component and clarity to the brand without looking necessary seriousness and distinction that a law firm should represent.”

Snask – Interview


“Most companies are hesitant to change. A bank for example still wants to look like a bank. How do you persuade clients to try out something new radical?”

“People say, if you make something no ones hates, no one loves it.”

“Brands should have opinions”

What I’ll look next?

  • ” Make Enemies & Gain Fans” Book by Fredrik Öst

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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