360º Lights and Colours // London Design Festival

//First Cut_Brief#2

This project started on the 18th of September when we decided to meet a group for the first time and undertake the task that we were given: visit an event in London as a group. We quickly decided that we wanted to attend the London Design week on the 20th of September, so we just needed to figure out where we should exactly go.

All the group was looking for an event where we could find interactivity and dynamic experiences. Therefore, we decided to connect two different examples that had in common the use of light and colour and how these affect emotions, feelings or even spaces: The Darc Room and Color Energy.

To prepare for the event we rented cameras, a 360º camera and a fisheye lens.

Before the visit, my personal first impressions on the two events were that there was a clear link between them to allow us to make a concise work. I expected a fascinating and dynamic use of light along with an aesthetic and powerful use of colour. In addition, the first event had an App that worked as a ticket and a guide for the user. It was a plus at first sight but in the end, it didn’t have that much use, personally.

Darc Room was totally business and product orientated. The exposition was organised by stalls where each a company could show their light solutions. Overall, the products showed creativity and innovation and we could talk to some of the sellers and get the perspective of how they could be put into use. However, it didn’t meet our initial expectations of a poetic use of light.

With this in mind, we moved to the second spot of the day, Colour Energy, and we found the exact opposite. We were presented with a  showroom where we could see the work in progress of a single project. There were three lovely people to guide the experience. At first, each one of us was tested on to which colour we were lacking and then one at the time, we could go inside the cocoon where we were exposed to the laking colour, not only visually but also auditively. Moreover, there were small tables showing other products that could be used to help each colour need.

Overall, Colour Energy was more interactive and sensorial event where we could see the research and progress made behind the project with possibilities to become something much bigger and developed.


The days passed and it was time to reunite the group again to have an overview and decide the outcome of the First Cut Brief. In fact, I think the opinion on the events was consensual, the second one was more like what we expected and fulfilled our desire for interactivity.

Collection of the day

As a way to present the project, we had different ideas from the beginning, such as videos, posters and presentations. The final outcome was a teaser that presents us as a group and shows the main thematic of the evens lights and colours. Consequently, to describe and express our opinions and feelings as a group, we designed a presentation that represents the timeline of the events.

Sketches of Visuals for the Presentation

Overall, this group project was a success. We had the opportunity to get to know each other and even while we were still finding our place in the group it was really easy to work and get along as a group. The decision-making process was, most of the times, really straightforward and fast. As a group of five individuals, an idea would go forward if the majority would support it.

Concluding, the feedback we received on the presentation day was really positive, and our group effort was recognized.

This Project was a group work with Priscilla Cailleau, Rania Koukoumi, Alessandra Bally and Admir Kurman.


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