Artist Talk Series #1 // Emmeline Pidgen

→ Talk, Q&A, Workshop with the Emmeline Pidgen, Illustrator, at the Boileroom, Guilford – 25th October 2018

IMG_0637 copy
Event Leaflet, 
Illustration Freelance Advice Guide and Bussiness Card

I stumbled across this Illustration Event on Mr. Bingo’s website (Illustrator that I have been admiring for a long time) and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore Guilford and to get some field experience input.

The concept of the event is each month there’s a session with an artist for six months in a row. Moreover, all the funds raized get back to the artist community of Guilford. Mr Bingo was the only name I recognized at first but when I started to dig into the event all of the Illustrators present a broad variety of work and it’s always really constructive for me to hear the experience of people in similar fields.

The Boileroom provided a cosy and informal space where Emmeline talked about the work, process and behind-the-scenes of a Freelance Illustrator. Characters, Color, Environment and Storytelling are the main focus on Emmeline’s drawings. “I always like to think of it as a film.”

The Illustrator presented samples of her work and talked about her journey through Freelancing and how to get noticed by brands for commissioned works. She advises to invest in exposure, finding online and events the most effective ways.

Everyone has a specific approach when it comes to drawing, and a curious subject was the process she uses. From traditional handcrafted methods to technology touchups, she says that it depends on each particular case. However, it’s worth noticing that digital work is easier and quicker when it comes to changes.

After the talk, it was time for the Workshop where everyone could try different drawing exercises such as blind drawing.

Event Website  – 5 more talks coming!


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