Abstract: The Art of Design // Documentary

1 // Christoph Niemann – Illustration

” Abstraction – the most important concept in art” For him this represents being able to focus on the message that our art is going to present to the viewer.

“Each idea requires a very specific amount of information, (…) When you show the real thing you kill it”

“Everything I do, is creating images that do something with what the viewer already knows.”

“I’m constantly trying to reinvent how I approach image making or story telling, because the audience changes all the time, I change all the time.”

2 // Tinker Hatfield – Footwear Design

“People struggle with stuff they don’t understand, design that is diffrent than what they are used to. Yet, what creates exitment and gets people to pay attention, and may actually lead to some improvements in performance is to force the disruptive nature of “that’s a big idea”.

“A basic design is always functional, but a great one will say something”

“Design never really stops, it just keeps on going. You keep thinking about things, you keep trying to refine.”

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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