MagCulture Podcast

Since I moved to London my love for Magazines has been growing and growing. Once, here the Publishing industry is really interesting and every day there’s a new event or shop related to this world.

I wanted to document which kind of input is feeding this passion of mine in this blog. And, one of the important inspirations has been listening to the MagCulture Podcast that touched various aspects around magazines, from interviews, launches, awards or just personal opinions from the hosts Jeremy Leslie and Liv Siddall.

At the moment, they launched their 4th episode where they talked about the Stack Awards where the Good Trouble magazine wan Magazine of the Year; a previous MagCulture event, ModMag18, along with interviews of the speakers which shared their work on the publishing industry; a brief discussion about magazine names that leads to a reference the the amazing Eye Magazine cover; an interview by Jermie with Omar Sosa from the Apartamento Magazine.

What is genuinely good about it is that informal way they give opinions, insights and point out relevant up to date aspects in the world of Magazines.

What I’ll look next?

  • Good Trouble (Magazine)
  • Homesick (Magazine)
  • Uncovered (Book)

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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