International Pedagogy

This project was the starting point of my master degree journey. It consists of the creation of a simple learning tool to present for the rest of the class. This must include an insider’s view to survive in my home country. What do I think the group needs to know about Portugal?


My response to this assignment started with a more general view at the country, and then proceeded to aspects of the culture I think are worth noticing. Finally, I described different perspectives from Portuguese people I know.


My approach to this brief was to brainstorm to find insightful information about Portugal, without falling into a touristic perspective. I decided to include the opinion of other local individuals by producing informal interviews as a way of getting topics I might have missed. The assignment required us to select relevant information and then find the best way to communicate it.

For the presentation, I decided to show the leading keywords along with some illustrations while I explained the meaning myself. As a critical reflection, this option might not have been the most effective to communicate information that maybe the audience has never seen. The use of more photographic material could have been a better option.

This, as a first brief, is the one that I used less theory and research. It was more about effectively transmitting something we know really well already. Consequently, this was a great opportunity for introducing ourselves and getting to know better our colleagues and their countries.

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