Make & Break Podcast // by D&AD and WPP

“For many people, landing their first job in the creative industry is an achievement enough, but in this podcast we explore how to make the most of it. D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 Winner, Adam Morton-Delaney, chats with designer Craig Oldham and Poke London’s Robyn Frost.”

Takes on this

  • Impostor syndrome when you’re a young creative working in a big agency→ Which Robyn Frost likes to think of a “party”, if you are there it’s because they want you there.
  • The importance of having mentors or at least someone that we can look up to and admire. There are some organizations out there to get a mentor like “who’s your mama” or “Blue Minorities”.
  • In all of the episodes, the guest speakers set a task for the audience. Robyn Frost advised to set ourselves 3 month goals of what we want to achieve. Craig Oldham talked about the perks of spending time with people that have different roles that you do.

What I’ll look next?

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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