Managing Brand Be : How to build your Personal Brand //

At the very first page of the book, Momentum is described as a philosophy “dedicated to giving you more information, inspiration and drive to enhance who you are, what you do and how you do it” (p.4).

This book has 12 chapters that tell us about different aspects of the term “Brand Me”.

Functional Dimension / Mental Dimension / Spiritual Dimension / Social Dimension

“A full 4-D personality creates a stronger persona over time” (p.35) The most common dimension to be fulfilled first is, of course, the functional, once everyone tends to show their “public persona” through what they do. (p.37) However, if we only work on this dimension we are more susceptible to trends. In other words, if what we are not functional anymore, we lose our value. Therefore, in order to touch people’s minds we have to develop a consistent 4-D personal brand.

Then the authors introduce the concept of “Brand Me Mind Space” and “Brand Me Code”. The first one has to do with how we want the other to perceive our brand. Then, secondly, the Code is what is going to make you shape your brand to fulfil your goals. (p.54)

The Code has six aspects: Benefit, Positioning, Style, Vision and Values. All of this contributes to find your Motto that is going to guide your personal brand.

Going on to the third chapter, we are confronted with ideas on how should we proceed to implement this personal brand. Creating a Personal Timeline is one of the tools given. Then, in the fourth chapter, the focus is on how to “package” yourself, meaning how to act, talk and perform to achieve specific goals. In real life situations, there are going to be numerous occasions where it’s necessary to promote our brand. Therefore, we should have a dialogue prepared to explain clearly the main aspects of our brand.


The following chapter deals with the marketing side of “Brand Me”. After defining what our brand is, we should set three fields within our strategy: Why?, How? and Who?.

What I’ll look next?

  • Using Your Brain – for a Change, Richard Bandler
  • Clued Up: Working Through Politics and Complexity, Graham Abbey and Alan Robertson
  • Innervation: Redesign Yourself for a Smarter Future, Guy Browning

Gad, T. and Rosencreutz, A. (2002) Managing brand me : how to build your personal brand. London: Momentum.

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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