Oh sh*t what now? // Craig Oldham

Oh sh*t what now? : honest advice for new graphic designers

Some notes from the book:

[Portfolio] Be brutal, be honest
Don’t accept ‘I don’t like it’. Demand to know why.
But instead of asking, ‘do you like this?’, try asking people, ‘what is wrong with this?’, ‘what’s at fault?’, ‘what would you do to improve this?’
The most important thing when talking about your work is that it’s spoken in your voice.
What makes graphic design interesting is not graphic design itself, but rather what you communicate by using it, which changes with every project.
Your environment will inspire you. You will draw information from every aspect of your life and find the solution to a problem in a totally different place.
Ideas are just new combinations of the same individual bits of information, all it takes is for the subconscious to trigger something and the idea seemingly just pops out of thin air
So have a life outside of design and let your life have an influence on your design.
[Ideas] Take them out, introduce them to your friends Originality, Execution, Media, Relevance and if they’re in town, Suitability and Content, and see how they get along.
Design is a reference-based practice. It’s rooted to the context in which it operates and is truly a product of its time.
Originality implies some sort of creative immaculate conception, and we all know that’s not how it works. What you must do is be open to influence and embrace your sources, embrace existing great ideas, learn from them, and transfer the relevant ones into your own work.

What I’ll look next?

“A technique for producing ideas” by James Webb Young (p.88)

This post is part of my MA major project bibliography.

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