Rethinking Happiness at Work at General Assembly

I have been attending a series of events and talks related to my Major Project subject matter and Rethinking Happiness at Work was one of them. It was organized by the General Assembly on the 15th of May.

AJ Bicât (Calmworks), Natalie Hewison (General Assembly) and Ally Fekaiki (Juno) were part of the speakers’ panel of the evening. The event started off with a mindfulness exercise where AJ Bicât demonstrated some of the work he develops at Calmworks.

Then, it was time for the panel discussion with questions from Natalie Hewison to the other speakers. Some ideas taken from this panel:

  • Wellbeing is so much more than perks at work
  • Finding a way of giving productive and constructed feedback is an issue that needs to be addressed
  • Purpose – Mission-driven companies have more full field persons
  • The idea of professionalism – Shifting and ambiguous…

Finally, the event terminated with a Q&A session where I could also gather some interesting thoughts;

  • How do you make people take ownership of their own happiness? If the business does everything for their employers and it’s still not effective
  • Work-Life Separation not Balance
  • How to approach businesses to spend money in Mental Health? – Think of the impact, start with Emotions / Money, give an example of the benefit in numbers

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