Visual Statistics

Visual Statistics as a brief reminds us of how versatile statistics can be in such different contexts and how they can help us to make sense of what is around us. As Alan Smith states in his TED Talk, “(…) statistics are about us. If you look at the etymology of the word statistics, it's … Continue reading Visual Statistics

Movers, Shakers, Innovators, Critical Thinkers and Influencers

This movers, shakers, innovators, critical thinkers and influencers brief asks us to identify who has shaped who we are, the decisions we made and the ones that are still yet to come. With this in mind, each one of us had to create a personal timeline where our own influencers are highlighted. The outcome of … Continue reading Movers, Shakers, Innovators, Critical Thinkers and Influencers

Good/Poor Design Challenge

"Good [Adjective] Having the right or desired qualities Efficient, Competent, Reliable Kind, morally excellent, virtuous, Charitable, well-behaved, enjoyable, beneficial Right, Proper, Expedient Attractive." Lucienne Roberts in Good: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design (Blog Post) Consistency · Complexity · Simplicity · Playfulness · Research · Strategy · Concept Value This rebranding project was developed by … Continue reading Good/Poor Design Challenge