Redesigning Research – Masterclass Workshop

On the 22nd of May at the D&AD Festival, I attended a Masterclass Workshop facilitated by Purva Sawant, Design Strategist at Unicef. Redesigning Research: from 200 pages to 1 had the objective of promoting collaborative work in order to drive creative solutions on a real-world social issue. The workshop started with a brief introduction of … Continue reading Redesigning Research – Masterclass Workshop

Can graphic design save your life?

Can graphic design save your life? Editors: Sarah Schrauwen | Lucienne Roberts | Rebecca Wright This book shows practical and tangible works where graphic design thrives and matters for society. With the main topic of Graphic Design & Health, this book is divided into 5 chapters that represent different areas: Persuasion, Education, Hospitalization, Medication, Contagion … Continue reading Can graphic design save your life?